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Saturday, January 17

To continue with Tuesday’s posting:

The retreat with Meredith will provide the opportunity for each participant to choose their own canvas.  The seahorse pillow is the one I will be working on.  Looking at those who have signed up — I can see flowers, oriental scenes, tropical scenes and, oh so, many other choices.  This will be a perfect opportunity to learn different methods — even if they are not on your specific canvas choice.  There will be a lot of demonstrations of the different stitches.

We will be stitching at a wonderful (almost) 100 year home in one of the older neighborhoods on island.  We will be right on the front porch overlooking the front yard and little stream that runs down the front of the home.  It is such a serene peaceful spot to be.


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Tuesday, January 14, 2015

TNNA Market is done.  I sat glued to my computer watching the posts from those who were able to make it this year.  Still a lot of information to find out and then the decisions.

I have great news!! Meredith Willet has agreed to teach at my retreat this year.  It is scheduled for Columbus Day Weekend — that’s October 10, 11 and 12.  Three glorious days to stitch with Meredith guiding us through the different canvases that are chosen.  Call or email me at needlepoint at needlepointetc dot com for information.  I have already started a waiting list but you never know.

I have been narrowing down my choices — finally decided on Dede’s Seahorse Pillow.


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Tuesday, June 19

Weather is beautiful today — hot and sticky yesterday — who knows tomorrow.  But the ocean is always beckoning.  Even if you are not a swimmer or a surfer, life in the ocean is fascinating.  Enjoy this beautiful honu (green turtle)  that we get to watch.  Such fascinating creatures.


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Friday, May 9

Georg sent me pictures of his new canvases — I fell in love with 2 of them.  Two designs are done in the retro style — Hawaiian Girl with Ukulele.  I have even started pulling threads.

6024HawnGirlUkulele HawnGirlI

And then there is the Hawaiian Girl with Fruit — that’s breadfruit.  6025HawnGirlFruit

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April 5, 2014

Been working at cleaning out my yard — high winds and lots of rain has caused havoc.  Trimmed the hedge and the Bird of Paradise flowers are now standing tall.  I realized that it is a lot easier for me to do a needlepoint garden, especially since Alison Hodgkiss did these wonderful stitch guides for Raymond’s flowers.  Bird of Paradise, Magnolia, Cherry Blossom and others can grace your home.  They don’t need weeding, watering or trimming!




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April 2, 2014

Just posted this on facebook.  Got a new canvas from Julia Snyder.  Just remember to Keep Calm and Aloha On.  Enjoy!


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Friday, January 10


Laura’s Garden.  This great canvas was taught by Laura Taylor at TNNA today.  Great teacher who shares her thoughts and concepts on developing a stitch guide.  Ribbon embroidery, stump work, darning stitches and needle weaving — all to create a garden that is forever in bloom.  A true beliver that stitching needs to be enjoyable.  This canvas is brought to us by Sundance Designs.

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Thursday, January 9

Had classes at market today.Got to take a class from Sandra Arthur.   What a wonderful experinece. Introduced and re-introduced me to so many things — felting, ruching, sequins, beads, Japanese ribbon stitches.  Got to try new threads.  Enjoy Blossom Bay.BlossomBay

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Wednesday, Nov 13

Mindy’s mini Trunk Show is in the store.  Receive a 15% discount on canvases until December 31, 2013.  I’ve started posting pictures of the canvases on my Facebook page.  Will continue until they are all up.  Enjoy them.




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Sunday, Nov 3

Christmas in Hawaii

Christmas is on the way. Enjoy Christmas in Hawaii by Dee. Just a note — I am on Facebook now!

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