Posted by: needlepointetc | September 9, 2010

Thursday, Sept 9

I love stitching delimnas.  I have done just a bit more stitching on the Woody.  I started on the wooden panels on the door and just love the way it is going, until I took my nose away from it and decided that the stitch should be angled the other way — you know to match the angle of the door.  So moved on to the tire — using panache — love the big Oblong Cross on each side of the tire with the straight stitches in the center — looks like a tire.  Think I will satin the white part of the tire.  Now to the sand — using 2 ply of overdyed floss, I love it on the sand — The Double Hungarian Stitch mellows out the colors of the canvas but now, what do I do with the shadow under the car?  Do I use the same color as the sand or do I more to more browns like the shadow?  I found an Overdye floss that is the same color family but it has a lot of the lighter shades in it.  Really can’t decide.  Any suggestions?


    Shadow – how about a ‘non overdyed’ slighty darker?
    I am thrilled the tire idea worked!
    Aloha to all my friends

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