Posted by: needlepointetc | October 12, 2010

Tuesday, October 12

OMG — what a treat to have my Bird of Paradise and info about my store on Amy Bunger’s Newsletter.  I have so treasured all her trips out here for my retreats — I do miss having her — that goes without saying.

As you can tell, I have been off line.  My husband and I just got back from the races — literally — motorcycle races at the Yavapai Downs in Precott Valley, AZ.  Never been to one before (and frankly the speed scares the ____ out of me but skill and finesse that they have to do 6 to 8 times around a mile track is unbelieveable!

Along with the races, we visited the Rail Park in Scottsdale and it was the weekend all the model railroaders set up their displays.  I was in heaven.  Being the youngest of a father who had no boys, I got the model railroad so that he could have one.  I still have it and want to set it up — don’t think it would fit in my store — but one day.  And although I didn’t  know we were going, I took Raymond Crawford’s train engine to stitch on.  As you can see, I got some done.  Thank you Cindy McKown for the stitch guide.

Also take a look at the Puffin’ dog magnet.  I totally love it.  They just notified me that they add a “Bee” magnet to their line.  They are adorable.

As for the Woody — sky and sand is done.  Decided to use the same overdyed floss on the shadows of the car.  Tried some solids but they were too dark.  Changing  the wavy stitch on the water.  I feel that the water should be  calm and the wavy stitch gives it to much movement.  So trying out some other stitches — maybe just a larger wavy stitch.

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