Posted by: needlepointetc | May 20, 2011

Friday, May 20

It is long overdue to get back on track.  I have such great news.  If you have been following my ads in Needlepoint Now and the Needlepointers, you will see that I have a new design team EXCLUSIVELY at my store.  Georg and John have started their needlepoint designs with a wonderful Heavenly Ginger design.  In working with them at Washington Place Foundation, they became intrigued with doing some designs.  This first one is 18 x 18 and painted on 13 mesh (but they will do 18 mesh) with great colors to recreate the  shading of  the beautiful white ginger blossoms.  They have chosen to work with the Splendor color pallet in creating these designs, so we offer a listing of colors that match perfectly!!  More on them later.  Please enjoy Heavenly Ginger.



  1. Beautiful! I saw the ad and wondered who the designers were.

  2. This is a beautiful canvas! I am not familiar of the artist. Are they new?

  3. Glad to see you back on yur blog!
    Love the canvases!
    Hi to all!

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