Posted by: needlepointetc | June 22, 2011

Wednesday, June 22

That beautiful plumeria is distributed by Jelly Bean Stock.  They are a wonderful group of artists who produce beautiful designs of all types.  The plumeria is done by Mary Marlee.

Georg and John have produced another canvas.  It features a single blossom of the gorgeous Tropical Sunrise Hibiscus.  It is 13 x 13 and painted on 13 mesh.   

Do you remember the Woody?  I really have been working on it (well off and on).  Take a look at the palm trees and the water.  Trunks are watercolours couched down and the leaves — the long and short of it all.  But I love them.  Water is perfect with splendor and accentuate in a darning pattern. 


  1. Thanks. I’d been wondering who designed the last posting’s plumeria. I love today’s hibiscus! The guys do lovely work, don’t they? And the Woody is coming right along. It looks wonderful.

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