Posted by: needlepointetc | August 19, 2011

Friday, August 19

FIRST DAY OF RETREAT!!  Sitting here with everything set up waiting for everyone to come.  The canvases are all different and I just know we will see some new ideas and talk waaay to much.  Julia arrived Wednesday (such a long trip) and I started showing off Oahu to her.  We have several more trips to do.  She is staying in the Kaimana Hotel with a partial ocean and partial Diamond Head view.  So here’s the classroom (right in the middle of my store) and my 2 canvases — look closely at the kimono — I’ve started stiching.

Aren’t they fun?



  1. Wish we were all there. Have fun-fun-fun!
    Jane, stuck at home here in CH

  2. Well, the retreat is over, so sad. I had a wonderful time teaching and getting to know all who came. The store look great and Gussie is such a gracious hostess. As is Wayne!

    • Thanks Julia for making the retreat a big success. Now it’s on to things I need to finish for family and then pursuing a new location. Hope you journey home was uneventful.

  3. Having a nightly mini-retreat…just my daughter and me. Bought Stitch and Zip e-reader cases when we last visited the store on June 30, and first met Gussie in person! My daughter got hooked on needlepoint stitching this case while we were on Maui, and now we are back home and stitch together every night until she moves back to college. Wish we had been at the store retreat.

    • I am so glad that the e-reader were a big hit. Enjoy your nightly retreats.

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