Posted by: needlepointetc | August 25, 2011

Thursday, August 25

Retreat is over but all our heads are spinning with new stitches, new thoughts about stitching, and just feeling so blessed that we had Julia this year.  She is a calm, patient person who handles everyone with grace.  Just like so many teachers that I have had, Julia is very willing to make your canvas your very OWN.

Store is back together the way it should be, so now will start on the things that were sort of laid aside while we were having a ton of fun.  No pictures today but will be sorting and opening boxes to see what has arrived.

Georg’s new Orchid will be in the new Needlepoint Now and the Needlepointers.  I will share the picture this week.  I’ve been running an ad in the daily newspaper.  I have met some new people — some looking for things that I don’t carry but have still come into the store to check me out.   They have discovered that they are able to use some things that I carry.  It has been a treat to meet this new people.

Today is Julia’s last day, so will take her to Washington Place.  It is now part of the governor’s mansion complex but at one point in time it belonged to my family.  It was built by Captain John Dominis (Mom’s family) in the 1840’s.  His son John Owen married Queen Lili’uokalani.  John had a son who was a hanai (Hawaiian adoption) of the Queen.  My mother was born at Washington Place in 1916.  It is a wonderful feeling (sometimes overwhelming) to have a family that was part of Hawaii’s history.



  1. Heard you all had fun with Julia. Wish I could have been there, maybe next time! Can’t wait to see the Orchid canvas in Needlepoint Now.

    • It is so good to hear from you. We had such a great time — would have been wonderful to have you join us. Enjoy doing your stitch guides. Hope all is good with you.

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