Needlepoint Etc. — a little stitching shop in Hawaii filled with sunshine, laughter and the love of stitching.  Join me as I work my way through the canvases that have a Hawaii or Tropical feel.  I have a lot of ideas and threads that I would love to share with you.  Join me with your ideas and questions about stitching.

Be sure to check out my website, www.needlepointhi.com, and this blog to see how canvases can blossom with threads and stitches.

I have been stitching my whole life and have been very fortunate to have owned Needlepoint Etc. for 14 years.  This shop has opened so many doors for me to learn and try new ideas, threads and canvases.

Thank you for checking us out.  Happy Stitching!


Gussie Schubert


  1. Hi Gussie, Julie Paukert from Minnesota here. I was in your wonderful shop in March and we talked about our mother’s with Alzheimer’s – remember? It was so nice to see you again and buy from your great shop. I left you a voice mail asking if you might be in on that Monday in Marc h because my husband ended up in the ER at Strand ? hospital near your shop. His back went out:( so our trip to Maui was delayed. We finally got to Maui in time to be evacuated for the tsunami!! HOpe you didnt have any damage on Hawaii. We didnt in Lahaina. We finally were able to get into our vacation and basically sat on the beach and stared straight ahead! Anyway, nice to see you again.

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